DAEIDA May-June 2009


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Cover: Carol Channing

Featuring tributes from:

  • Debbie Reynolds
  • Jerry Herman
  • Kaye Ballard
  • Mary Jo Catlett
  • Kate Linder
  • Rose Marie
  • Christine Devine
  • Judy Tenuta
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Rhonda Fleming
  • Arlene Dahl
  • Leslie Jordan
  • Betty Garrett
  • Carole Cook
  • Billy Barnes
  • Tommy Tune
  • Rusty Warren

 40 Pages / Full Color / Printed on genuine movie poster paper

Notes: 2 promo postcards (different styles) are included with each issue plus 1 "Have a Carol Channing kind-of-a-Day" sticker.  A promo poster was designed and approved for printing but the original poster order was rejected due to color balance flaws which occurred during the printing process.  As a result, these are the rarest to find as all known inventory of the posters were destroyed before being sent out.   

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