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DAEIDA magazine is printed on the same thick, lustrous paper stock reserved for genuine movie posters. The significance makes for a superior quality reading experience you can literally feel to the touch. It's the number one compliment we receive from archivists, historians and collectors alike: the impressive weight and handsome sheen of each page in DAEIDA.  We insist on this heavier stock because, like every images and interview in every issue: the artifact itself is meant to last. And so it is built that way, constructed locally and lovingly with only the highest quality of papers, inks and craftsmanship. The result is a literary and visual work of art that is timeless more than timely. That's the DAEIDA difference. 

You won't find any ads on any page in any issue of DAEIDA. Just pure content, from cover-to-cover.  Our interviews, articles, essays and reviews are in-depth and often lengthy pieces.  Accompanying photographs are full-page images. As always: all DAEIDA content is exclusive to DAEIDA magazine and exists no place else. 

We print a first edition run of every issue and only a first edition run. Issues are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  When an issue is out of stock, it is out-of-print forever; regardless of demand. This stipulation ensures the rarity and investment potential of any DAEIDA issue purchased. All issues of DAEIDA exist, however, in digital format at 24/7 access to the entire DAEIDA digital library of past issues as well as the latest issue is a service we continue to make available to anyone, anywhere for free.