Daeida magazine is named for Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge. She is an oft overlooked pioneer in Hollywood’s long fabled history, yet she is its most essential figure. It is her that gave Hollywood its name, officially on February 1st, 1887. That was the date “Hollywood” was registered by Mrs. Wilcox and her husband, with the Los Angeles County recorder’s office for 160 acres of ranch land they had purchased in 1886 with the intent of turning it into the site of a new community.
Where fig orchards, orange groves and apricot trees once blanketed a valley at the foothills below the base of a canyon in the Cahuenga Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox envisioned lined streets of pepper trees, elevated sidewalks made of Portland cement, border gardens and lush flower beds all flanking picturesque estates yet to be built for the cultured, refined and well-to-do families sure to flock from around the country to their utopian paradise, for sale by the lot. 
Mrs. Beveridge had eagerly dreamed up picturesque names for every pastoral road crisscrossing the village she saw in her mind. There was “Sunset Boulevard”, an avenue called “Prospect”, streets named softly like “Eulalia” and “Orchid”, but the lady went out of her way to be especially thoughtful in selecting the perfect word to name her burgeoning burg. It was on her mind during a journey East she made by train in December of 1886.  While en route, Mrs. Beveridge met a fellow traveler who enchanted her with an idyllic reverie of the country estate she was returning to.  It wasn’t called “Mandalay” or “Shangri-La”.  Its name was “Hollywood”. 
The mysterious storyteller departed, impressing her listener with a memory and a magical word. In the spirit of Daeida's inspired encounter, our enterprise is named for her.