Hollywood's People, Passions, and its Past

Named for the woman who coined the word “Hollywood” (Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge), the so-christened corner of Los Angeles County she co-founded in 1887, DAEIDA magazine was launched in 2006 by David Nick Ybarra and designed to be a new kind of entertainment journal set on old fashioned principles, chiefly: offer high quality content without artistic or literary compromise.  10 years later, that’s still our goal and one we’ve achieved without conceding our integrity to a single advertiser since the start.  It hasn’t made us rich, but it has made DAEIDA a richly respected historical resource and a highly regarded critical archive of interviews, images, articles and reviews in every issue.  Best of all, we’re still in print and each issue is still printed on genuine movie poster paper right in the heart of Hollywood. 

As always, DAEIDA is also available in digital format online 24/7 at daeida.com, so any one, anywhere, really can afford to read DAEIDA and find DAEIDA even when it’s not readily available at your local newsstand.  It is, however, your print issue and product purchases that help keep us in print.  If you’re new to Daeida: welcome.  If you’re returning: welcome back.

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  • Printed on genuine movie poster paper
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