Fall 2019

Timelessness vs. Timeliness
DAEIDA is devoting the next issue entirely to one story only: the saga of Tino Costa’s mysterious masterpiece, “Farewell to Earth”.   It will be released in-print and online in the Fall 2019. 
Why the wait.  Worth the wait. 
What began as an article intended to be about a rediscovered painting from 1937 of Jean Harlow refused to be contained into an article about a rediscovered painting of Jean Harlow from 1937.  For many months, new facts began to be forthcoming about the artist, his subject, and this artwork, like the intricate pieces of a very large puzzle painstakingly being put together.  As of this date, there are still missing pieces; there may always be missing pieces, but this DAEIDA undertaking will provide the most comprehensive, near complete literary portrait of “Farewell to Earth”,  all its players and chronicle how, when and why the artwork came to be.  It has not been an easy enterprise, but it has been worthwhile in spite of delays.  This is a time-consuming effort, as you can imagine.  Early on, organizing the prepared material while regularly adding newly uncovered information to correct an inaccurate historical record was always challenging and then it also became an obsession.  Deadlines passed as did page limits, until finally it was decided – after a respectful visit to both the resting places of Harlow and Costa – this story deserves to be told in all the detail that it has been tirelessly researched, thus far.  As such, the next issue is devoted entirely to the time, the place, and the people behind the making of “Farewell to Earth”.  In the coming months and up until Fall 2019, readying this next issue to honor Jean and Tino will be the exclusive priority of DAEIDA.  We want this completed as much as you probably do, too!  This is 81+ years of history being unearthed.  Please be assured that it will be ready by Fall 2019 and it will serve as a uniquely in-depth resource for every Harlow scholar and fan.