DAEIDA Holiday 2008


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Cover: Crystal Gayle

Articles and Interviews:

  • Crystal Gayle
  • Ketty Lester
  • Suzanne Lloyd
  • Yma Sumac
  • Mr. Blackwell
  • Alison Arngrim ("Faux Pearls of Wisdom" advice column)
  • Tedi Thurman ("Miss Information" column)
  • Virginia Bruce (Book Review)
  • Gale Garnett (CD Review)
  • Lana Cantrell (CD Review)

 40 Pages / Full Color / Printed on genuine movie poster paper

Notes: This was the fifth issue of DAEIDA and our 1 year anniversary edition.  $10 was the original retail price per issue.  A promo photo, poster and postcard of Crystal Gayle were printed and included with each issue. 

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