DAEIDA May 2014

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Cover: Manuel Nunez
He was one of the definitive commercial illustrators of the 1980's; a contemporary of fellow artists like Antonio Lopez and Patrick Nagel, Manuel Nunez's illustrations were featured heavily in print advertisements for high end products of the decade.  This included album cover illustration for major record labels and recording artists, the most famous being Donna Summer.  In 1985, Nunez was commissioned by Summer's long time art director (Chris Whorf) to illustrate what became the only rendering of Summer to ever be used for an album cover during her lifetime or since: the cover of "The Summer Collection".  This is the story of the illustrator, his subject, and the artwork.  It coincided during a personally and professionally tumultuous time for Nunez and Summer.  She was on the verge of a career backlash during the height of the AIDS epidemic; he was about to turn his back on commercial illustration forever.  This special issue encompasses the history of album cover illustration as well as the influence of artists like Antonio Lopez and Patrick Nagel on the genre and the era with commentary from art director Jeff Fey and art curator Ken McGavin.  Fully illustrated with all of Nunez's album cover illustrations; a selection of his other Eighties-era commercial illustrations, as well as many never-before-seen photos.
Includes 1 postcard, 1 bookmark and 1 6"x6" print signed by the artist, Manuel Nunez

48 Pages / Full Color / Printed on genuine movie poster paper

Shipped in an acid-free, clear-poly sleeve

Notes: Promo postcard and bookmark available for individual purchase under "Postcards" and "Bookmarks"

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