DAEIDA Summer 2008

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Cover: Karen Sharpe Kramer

Articles and Interviews:

  • George Chakiris
  • Luke Yankee
  • Julie Stevens
  • Karen Sharpe Kramer
  • Alison Arngrim (Ask Alison column)
  • Tedi Thurman (Miss Information column)
  • Bobbie Gentry ("Ode to Bobbie Gentry" poem)
  • Robie Lester (Book review)
  • Verdelle Smith (CD review)
  • Judy Chaikin ("I Love You Like Summer" guest editorial)
  • Sally Kellerman (Concert review)

 40 Pages / Full Color / Printed on genuine movie poster paper

Notes: This was the third issue of DAEIDA. $10 was the original retail price per issue.  2 styles of promo postcards were printed and  2 style of promo posters were also printed.  These would become the very first promo posters DAEIDA would issue. 

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